BITKE is a 5x5 tactical Paintball FPS for all ages, with markers, NFT characters and skins on the Cardano network, it's a game to have fun and compete with friends and teams.

For the development of the game, we are using the GODOT game engine because it’s a powerful opensource and well supported game engine.

The rules and mechanics will be based on original paintball game mode. In addition to custom modes for players with different styles of play, each game mode will have a specific group of maps that will be released and improved during our development process.

Non-Fungible Tokens use blockchain technology as a way to determine digital ownership. Those who acquire the blockchain linked tokens also have the right to sell or trade on secondary markets. For now, Bitke's NFTs are based on characters and skins. Each character will feature unique traits such as design, lore, and limited amount of mint. All can be customized through outfits, which will also be evaluated through rarity rankings and, obviously, the preference of each player, being able to trade both in verified secondary markets.

The initial NFT skins are free to use and generic, you can modify your marker through NFTs that can change color and shape of each one.

Changing only the aesthetic effects only, in this way, we can better create fair competition regardless of the character or marker skin that the player will use.

For the launch of our tactical FPS, we studied the introduction of wallet connectivity on Cardano with the GODOT game engine, and we have successfully managed to have a functional game that can work operating through NFTs in the Cardano network, for this we developed a prototype that we will use in the Alpha Release.

An alpha release is a form of early minting that helps maintain and promote the project’s development. Our team of developers work daily on the framework needed to make BITKE real.

By participating in our alpha, you are granted access to OG characters that will be available on a limited basis. In addition, all players will be able to play test our prototype of our builds before they are publicly released. This mean Alpha payers can hone their skills, gain insight, and give feedback related to the overall experience.

The Alpha pack contains

1 Character (Male or Female)

Every character will be free air dropped custom outfits for in-game usage.

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