BITKE: Paintball

To get away from the common tactical FPS genre, we decided to create a game environment that can attract players of any age; paintball is a perfect sport for that. There will be other game types, but our first game type after the Alpha will be Speedball.

Game Type 1: Speedball, a competitive paintball mode where 5v5 teams compete on maps composed of inflatable bunkers. The bunkers are placed on the map in symmetrical positions creating an environment where players need to work on teamwork, aggressive movement, and constant communication.

Map control is essential. The team that manages to pressure the other team and advances the round will have the advantage in flanking and marking more enemies, increasing the chance for victory.

The matches end when the first team completes 8 victories, as the maps are symmetrical, there is no defending sides or attacking sides, and there is no exchange of positions during the match. In the event of a tie, a final round is triggered and the winning team wins.

The time of each match is 2 Minutes, for the time limit, the team that has the most surviving members wins. Teams that remain 1 against 1 get +30 seconds of extra time. The match ends if a second extra time is needed and none of the two teams earn points.

For this game type: BITKE players take on symbolic damage; the characters' body parts accumulate damage according to the hit. Note: other game types may have more accurate rules to real paintball. Reminder: below stats are tentative plans subject to change:

Head 5x damage Torso 3x damage Extremities 1x damage

Each player has a base 100HP and all markers does 13 damage on hit, changing the multiplier depending on the area marked on the enemy.

Markers can shoot up to 8BPS which are powered by hoppers of up to 200 balls, and the recoil and drop of balls can increase if you simply force the button to click.

In BITKE, you will be able to form teams. Teams compete directly against other teams of players.

In addition, your NFTs in game will be in your wallet. No skins or characters from the project are in the custody of the game server and this makes the freedom to be able to collect and trade with other players possible.

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