BITKE: Alpha Release

Our team and the overall NFT community has seen promises and videos from projects that never come out. Moreover, certain developers abandon their creations in the middle of the development process. That's why we are creating Alpha before launch, showing basic working mechanics and premade character and custom assets.

With Blender the main BITKE NFTs were created just for this project and were not store bought assets. Days of research and modeling were used to create the male and female character, clothes and helmets. Having these 3D game models within a working game alpha should create a bridge of trust between our team and the overall NFT community.

Participating in Alpha Minting will give you immediate access to the current build of the game, you need to register and link your Cardano wallet on our website and then log in within the game. For now, you may have to use a downloadable app until we have a working browser based game.

Inside the current prototype you will find jumping platforms, the objective of the game mechanics is simple, you will need to advance the platforms and get a high score, the scores will be recorded and you will be able to follow a real ranking of the users who managed to reach the top of BITKE first !

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